5 Activities for an Awesome Summer in Seoul


Coming to Korea this summer and wondering what else you could do besides what you’ve seen in a Lonely Planet guidebook? This list will give you an idea of what Koreans and international residents will be getting into this summer.

When doing my research on events taking place in Seoul this summer, I quickly realized that this blog post could turn into something closer to a “top 100” list. So to save you time, I’ve instead organized this information into 5 categories, along with resources that will show you the different options within those categories.

1. Music Festivals

Into EDM? Rock? Hip Hop? Mag10 has posted a list of some of the largest music festivals in Korea this summer that will feature some major names in the different genres. Check out their list below:


2. Rooftop Bars & Cafes

Perhaps one of my favorite ways to enjoy the city: from a rooftop with a drink overlooking the landscape. Summers in Korea can get ridiculously hot and humid, so enjoying different parts of the city in the comfort of a well-shaded cafe with a great view can be a great day-time option.

The Rooftopguide recently listed 2 rooftop bars in Seoul worth checking out. One of them is located within our neighborhood:)

3. Traditional / Cultural: Insadong

If you’re visiting for Korea for the first time, you may be interested in exploring the more traditional elements of the Korean culture. If you had only a few hours to get your fill on traditional Korean, I might recommend taking a stroll through Insadong. The main attractions are on one road that’s packed with street food, trinkets, restaurants, museums, tea shops, etc.

Trip Advisor ranks Insadong as #40 out of #863 attractions to visit in Seoul.

4. Korean Drama Fans

Of course, I couldn’t leave out all the Kdrama fans! Below are 5 Kdrama filming locations, you’ll want to visit. Including spots such as the Seoul North Tower and the Han river, these locations are equally as worth visiting even if you aren’t into the dramas (shout out to those those bringing along a significant other:)


5. Food

Whenever a friend visiting Korea for the first time asks me where they should eat, I of course feel obligated to start by recommending a Korean BBQ place or some form of Korean cuisine. After looking through countless lists, if you were to reference one, I’d recommend browsing through this list by Trip Advisor:


For those who have had their fill of Korean food for the week and want to diversify with some international options – what are the best places to go?

As a starting point, I’d recommend checking out A Fat Girl’s Food Guide:


The author of this guide has lived in Seoul for years now, and the site is continuously being updated with new spots, and is pretty spot on when it comes to the accuracy of restaurant and cafe critique.

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