Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most common questions tenants have about living together, payments, and costs

Living Together

At Simple Spaces, we have tenants from all over the world. Around 70% are exchange students staying for one semester, and the remaining 30% are longer term tenants working or studying here. Our age range is between 19-35, yet most are early 20’s.

Living with your friends abroad can be very exciting and Simple Spaces can offer you and your friends a place to live together. Most of our houses can hold up to four guests. When applying to stay with us, please let us know if you have others you would like to live with.

We make sure that we do the best job we can to pair you up with other housemates you will get along well with. We take into consideration both your own personal preferences as well as those of current and incoming tenants. We ask each potential tenant to have a video call with us before signing a contract. It’s a great way to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. Once all housemates have signed their contracts and paid their deposit, we will connect you with your new housemates.

Absolutely! We know that living in Korea also gives your friends and family members a great reason to also visit Korea. While we don’t have any specific rules about hosting your loved ones, but here are some guidelines:

  1. Let your housemates know in advance when someone is coming. 
  2. Make sure your visitors understand all the house rules (how to recycle etc.)
  3. A visit is a visit— don’t overstay your welcome. A few days is fine but longer can be an issue for some housemates. 
  4. As a visitor, bringing something nice for the household is always a good idea— maybe some hard-to-get food from your home country, or you could offer to cook or buy a meal. A small gesture like this will likely have you welcomed with open arms by all house members.

Payments & Costs

Deciding which is the best payment method for you, will really depend on your home bank. Some tenants have had little trouble transferring, while others have had significant difficulties and high fees to make–what should be– a simple money transfer. Please make sure to ask you local bank which option is best for you. Here are the payment methods we accept:

A. PayPal: This is a relatively quick and easy way to transfer money to our account. After signing the contract via Tenant Cloud, we will send you an invoice for payment. A flat 10% additional charge for this payment will be added to cover currency conversion and transfer costs. Any credit will be added to your Tenant Cloud account to use in the following month.

B. International Bank Transfer: After signing your contract, you will be provide with the relevant banking account information to make the transfer. Please note that there are often significant charges/fees with an international transfer, so it is always advised to send approximately 10% extra to cover these costs. Anything over the required amount will be credited to your account and updated via TenantCloud. If your transfer is a little short, you will be required to make it up during your next payment.

C. You can also visit a local bank branch (we suggest KEB Hana in Itaewon) to make a cash deposit payment. This can be done to pay for both your monthly rental payments and the 70% deposit.

We use a web and app platform called Tenant Cloud: a service which enables tenants to sign their lease digitally, monitor their payments and utility bills, and submit maintenance requests.

Your deposit (minus unpaid utility costs) will be send to your chosen account within 10 days of your departure. If you require an international transfer, the transfer fee will be calculated by the bank and deducted from your deposit prior to the transfer. If you have a Korean bank account, the transfer cost will be 500 won.

Although the utility bills can vary depending on the season, the average cost is between 50 – 70,000won per month, which includes electricity, gas, internet, water, monthly cleaning, and cleaning supplies.

Unfortunately, no. When you agree to stay in one of our places, you are agreeing to contribute to covering the costs equally. This means, that you are required to pay an equal share of the bills regardless of how often you stay at the house.

Yes! Although we have many tenants staying with us for short periods of time, we do have several tenants that are long term tenants. If you plan to stay longer than 6 months, please ask about a discount– we are more than happy to reward those who choose to stay with us for the long term.

We do accept short-term stays, especially during the Summer (July 1st to August 20th) and Winter (December 23rd to February 20th). If you are planning to study, work, or travel during these seasonal breaks, chances are we can help you out. And, it doesn’t take much to reach out to us, so just send us a quick email anyway. We’ll do our best to find a home for you!

If you wish to extend your stay, please notify Simple Spaces via email (contact@simplespaceskorea.com) at least 45 days before the end of your contract. Of course, if you can tell us earlier, that would be even better. If you received a discount for a long-term stay, but terminate the contract earlier due to an unavoidable personal situation, the discount will be deduced from your deposit.